Club Rules

Club Do’s & Don’ts

Please make yourself aware of the full club rules which are available by clicking here.

Always have your membership card with you and be ready to show it.

 Take all rubbish home with you (even if it isn’t yours).

 Respect all fisheries, fish, other members and landowners.

 Report any safety issues & incidents, vandalism and illegal fishing to the club secretary.

 Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

 Barbless or “micro” barb hooks only.

 The club operates a strict “catch and release” policy.

Trout must not be taken or held in keepnets.

Pre-baiting of swims prior to fishing sessions is prohibited.


In addition at Waggoners Wells Lakes and Hollywater Pond the following apply.

Carp must not be retained in keepnets or carp sacks.

No floating baits to be used at all.(Waggoners Wells only)

No night fishing allowed, dawn until dusk fishing only.

Maximum Two rods only per angler.

Carp anglers must be in possession of a large well padded un-hooking mat.

 Anglers to fish from one swim only.

 No braided lines to be used for Carp Fishing (Allowed for lure fishing only)

The lakes are small as are the stocks of carp present therefore pre-baiting of swims prior to and during fishing sessions is prohibited. PVA bags, mesh bags and Stringers are permitted. Boilies are limited to 1kg dry weight per session and bait left over at the end of a session must be taken home. No tiger nuts, peanuts or other nut based baits to be used. Groundbait is limited to 2kgs dry weight per session (1 bag) but maggots and casters can be used in unlimited quantities.